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8 shocking facts you better not know

Here are some strange facts and information that we have not heard before, according to National Geographic:

1- The rear of the beaver: 

We've always eaten with added flavors from the back of the beaver without even knowing that the brown sticky cystorium is extracted from a bag inside the beaver's anus and used by the animal to draw its limits in the forest.  Alkstorium is used in the food industry under the name of natural flavors, to enhance the taste of vanilla in foods such as ice cream and others.
2- Weevil cilia:

For at least 50 percent of us, millions of mites live in disguise in the pores of the hair without being felt. The mudex is a two-week life cycle mating above the skin before the female dives deep into the pores of the skin to lay eggs.  , His life ends with a dramatic explosion spreading his stool on the body skin.

3 - Brazilian spider roaming:

This spider is considered one of the most deadly spiders in the world.Although its native place is Central and South America, it was found in some cases hiding in some shops around the world, its poisonous capacity can kill the victims in just two hours, last year forced a man in Britain  Out of his home after he found the spider hiding in a banana pack, he had ordered it from the supermarket.

4 Fecal Materials:

These materials seem to be ubiquitous, and a microbiologist found that some men's beards contain a lot of fecal material, and that some of them have poor latrines.  In the bathroom, however, fecal material was found on two toothbrushes kept in the same experiment as a measure of the interview in another room.

5 Obesity trap : 

HAdV-36 can lead to obesity by stimulating the body to grow more fat cells.  Obesity is greater than those who were not exposed to the virus.

6 - Navel bacteria: 

A recent study found that about 1,458 new species of bacteria live in the navel area of the study participants, and it is believed that about 67 different types of bacteria live in the navel area alone  Although the man never visited Japan in his lifetime, another participant found in his navel a type of bacterium that was commonly found only in ice hoods and thermal vents.

7- Shellac:

Have you ever wondered the secret of the unique gloss of the apple on the market, the answer is shellac, which is made from the secretions of the insect "Leekalaka" and used as a food additive where it sprinkles on many things from medicines to jelly pills to give them additional shine and certainly many insects are crushed during the preparation process  Shellac, giving our food a crispy feel.

8- The Tree Man :

The human papilloma virus is a common infection that usually causes small pimples to grow more on the person's body. The virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse or through blood transfusions.  The weak, the blisters spread in his body as the plant grows, formed what is known as skin pods and turned his hands into two yellow branches of one meter length.

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