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7 life hacks for saving your money


1- Need some free WiFi? The best places to go are Panera, McDonalds, Apple Store, Office Depot, Staples, and Courtyard Marriott.

2- With the promo code "9ANY" you can get any pizza you want at Pizza Hut for $9.

3- Want to save on your phone bill? Gmail offers free calling to anywhere in the US, as long as you have internet and a mic.

4- Want a magazine subsription but dont want to pay full price? Hit up you local library, they usually dont take out those little cards with cheaper subscriptions. Grab one!

5- Buying a car? Buy it at the end of the month. Salespeople have quotas to meet each month and will be more likely to cut you a deal.

6- Buying a gym membership? Most times, your Health & Fitness insurance company will completely reimburse the cost for you.

7- Desperate for money? NASA will pay $15,000 to anyone who is willing to sit in bed for 87 days, to research the effect of zero gravity.


6 Tips For Growing Your Small business - Top Secret Tips for Success



1. Use the platform of social media for being close to your Customers

For getting to know your customers better as what they think about your venture or products, the best source to bridge up with your client is social media, so don’t ever miss a good chance to avail this huge platform to hangout with your customers. In this age it is social media that connects you with the rest of the world. So, the biggest medium of communication is social media and you should know the art of getting this medium cash.

2. Prove others wrong and keep moving

People will come across you and will try to demotivate you by passing negative prediction about your business but you have to stay very optimistic and stubborn enough to stand firm against this opposite wind of criticism.

3. Get along with those who keeps positive thinking and positive vibes

Success wont knock at your door, you have to travel a long way till you find yourself in a firm position so it’s actually the passage that you need to travel patiently and enthusiastically. For keeping yourself fueled up you need to be with them who can load you up with some positivity, from whom you get positive vibes.

4. Spread your happenings on Facebook

What your venture says how it is beneficial for others, spread your message on Facebook. On Facebook you will be able catch up with the ones who are totally concerned with you. Share the nitty-gritty of your products in a most influential way.

5. Keep a check on Sales whether they are meeting the requirements

You need to have a daily check on sales, don’t forget to add up the checkpoints as it is suggested strongly. If the sales are meeting the requirements it means things are going smooth.

6. Keep yourself connected with mentors

Mentors are said to be great blessing as the way they convey and make you understand the message of motivation and advice in a magical way, there are many groups of mentors who are willing to help you and equip you with their pearl of wisdom.

How To Lose Weight Fast - Top Secret Tips for losing weight fast


Tips to lose weight fast : 

If you are wondering how to lose weight fast, set a realistic goal that you can achieve in the months to come, without feeling stressed or pressurized. To lose weight in a healthy way, set your sights on losing about 1 kilogram of weight a week; any more and you'll be losing not just your fat but your muscle as well. Don't forget that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will make you feel less tired and less stressed too.
Follow these simple ten golden mantras to achieve your goals comfortably.
1. Don't cut your calories dramatically:
If you cut calories dramatically you'll find yourself in short supply of protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals and all at the expense of your health. Your body needs nutrient-rich and highly oxygenated blood supply and plenty of minerals, as well as other nutrients like fats and proteins to be at its absolute best.
2. Have protein in every meal:
Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, however having protein at all meal times, accelerates weight loss. It leaves you feeling full for longer and helps lower your total body fat. Here are some suggestions:
Add quinoa or amaranth instead of rice for lunch and dinner. Add sprouts or bean salad for breakfast. Toss a handful of fresh peas in your salad or soup, with 8 gms of protein per cup. It is a great idea to snack on carrot and bell pepper sticks dipped in a yogurt dip.
With 6 gm of protein per egg and other healthful nutrients such as omega 3 that helps lower cholesterol, make eggs an essential part of the diet. Snacking on nuts and seeds is a great way to get your protein and kick start weight loss. Add almonds, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia and flax seeds to your diet.
3. Cut out refined carbohydrates and sugars:
All refined carbohydrates break down in your body to produce sugar. This in turn will cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Refined carbohydrates and sugar also make you retain water and cause bloating, which is something you especially want to avoid.
4. Say goodbye to processed food:
Avoid all additives, MSG, preservatives, artificial colors and anything you can't pronounce. These are foods you want to completely avoid as they are full of sodium and such few nutrients that you might as well be eating the cardboard box.
5. Forget the fried:
Skip all the deep fried chips, spring rolls and your favorite junk food. It will seriously undo all your good work. The fats in fried foods are trans-fats. They increase inflammation and free radical damage.
6. Move your body:
Try any exercise you enjoy such as dancing, yoga, pilates, cycling or a brisk walk. Exercise at least 4 times a week, to boost effects of a healthy diet, with added benefits of the feel good endorphins.
7. Sleep well:
Sleep replenishes, rejuvenates, restores. When people were starved of sleep, late night snacking increased and they were more likely to crave high-carb foods. In sufficient sleep impacts your hunger and fullness hormones, ghrelin and leptin. Then there is cortisol, the stress hormone, that spikes when you get too little sleep. Thus, it is essential that you schedule a tleast 7-8 hours of deep restful sleep per night.
8. Hydrate your body:
Pure water is the most beneficial form of liquid to consume. In winters, we generally miss out. Water lead to a 30 percent increase in metabolism. Water also acts as a natural appetite suppressant aiding weight loss.
9. Eat early:
Foods eaten earlier in the day generates more energy than food eaten later in the day. Your metabolic rate is actually higher earlier on in the day, which helps you to burn off kilojoules as energy, whereas these same kilojoules consumed at night can be easily stored as fat.
10. Add some pepper:
Red pepper, when eaten early in the day decreases food intake later in the day. Some credit the ingredient capsaicin for being the catalyst for decreasing overall calorie intake and increasing metabolism.
Beginning right now, you have complete control over making healthy lifestyle choices; after all what's better than experiencing the satisfaction of helping yourself achieving your goals.

11.Morning workouts :
If you do it in the morning you won't be trying to find excuses to get out of it later in the day when you're tired and worn out.

12.Make exercise enjoyable:
If you like to go for walks do that, add some resistance with hand weights and pick up the pace too. Even ask friends to get involved with you, you'll find having a partner helps a lot and will encourage you to work harder.

13.Don't weigh yourself every day:
You'll feel disheartened when the scales don't change or even go up, which it can throughout the day. You can probably weigh yourself weekly to know where you stand.

14.Don't fall for the latest fad diet:
They'll inevitably fail and you'll find yourself putting on all of the weight again. Small changes to your diet and lifestyle will make the big difference in the future.

15.Prepare and plan your meals in advance:
It might be hard to know what you're going to feel like for tea next Tuesday but if you make a plan in advance and get the foods you need for it you're more likely to stick to it. Get up in the morning an extra five minutes early to prepare a healthy and nutritious lunch as opposed to being stuck in the cafe eating a calorific sandwich or pasta filled with lots of creamy sauces.

8 shocking facts you better not know


Here are some strange facts and information that we have not heard before, according to National Geographic:

1- The rear of the beaver: 

We've always eaten with added flavors from the back of the beaver without even knowing that the brown sticky cystorium is extracted from a bag inside the beaver's anus and used by the animal to draw its limits in the forest.  Alkstorium is used in the food industry under the name of natural flavors, to enhance the taste of vanilla in foods such as ice cream and others.
2- Weevil cilia:

For at least 50 percent of us, millions of mites live in disguise in the pores of the hair without being felt. The mudex is a two-week life cycle mating above the skin before the female dives deep into the pores of the skin to lay eggs.  , His life ends with a dramatic explosion spreading his stool on the body skin.

3 - Brazilian spider roaming:

This spider is considered one of the most deadly spiders in the world.Although its native place is Central and South America, it was found in some cases hiding in some shops around the world, its poisonous capacity can kill the victims in just two hours, last year forced a man in Britain  Out of his home after he found the spider hiding in a banana pack, he had ordered it from the supermarket.

4 Fecal Materials:

These materials seem to be ubiquitous, and a microbiologist found that some men's beards contain a lot of fecal material, and that some of them have poor latrines.  In the bathroom, however, fecal material was found on two toothbrushes kept in the same experiment as a measure of the interview in another room.

5 Obesity trap : 

HAdV-36 can lead to obesity by stimulating the body to grow more fat cells.  Obesity is greater than those who were not exposed to the virus.

6 - Navel bacteria: 

A recent study found that about 1,458 new species of bacteria live in the navel area of the study participants, and it is believed that about 67 different types of bacteria live in the navel area alone  Although the man never visited Japan in his lifetime, another participant found in his navel a type of bacterium that was commonly found only in ice hoods and thermal vents.

7- Shellac:

Have you ever wondered the secret of the unique gloss of the apple on the market, the answer is shellac, which is made from the secretions of the insect "Leekalaka" and used as a food additive where it sprinkles on many things from medicines to jelly pills to give them additional shine and certainly many insects are crushed during the preparation process  Shellac, giving our food a crispy feel.

8- The Tree Man :

The human papilloma virus is a common infection that usually causes small pimples to grow more on the person's body. The virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse or through blood transfusions.  The weak, the blisters spread in his body as the plant grows, formed what is known as skin pods and turned his hands into two yellow branches of one meter length.

5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband


5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband

A healthy marital relationship depends on many factors of success and stability, including the knowledge of both sides of the characteristics of the other party and its flaws.

Since men represent an essential and important element in the marital relationship, it is imperative that women recognize some of its positive qualities in order to build a special marital relationship with him.

Here are five things a woman should know about her husband, according to Cliton Olson Kuching:

1- Need you : 

It is known that a man seems a strong and cohesive creature in general, but he can not live without a woman who supports him and stands by him, and share all the details of his life.

2. Man is an emotional creature :

Women are emotional creatures by nature, but the amount of emotion in men may not be less than the amount of emotion in women, in many cases, the man needs to support him psychologically and consolation when facing problems.

3- Love of praise :

Like a woman, a man likes to receive compliments from everyone in general, and from his wife in particular, because he cares about his wife's opinion and wants to be important in her eyes.

4 – tenderness :

Many men have a sense of affection and affection, which is very positive for women because they are usually in dire need of men's tenderness and love.

5. Sacrifice : 

Some men are willing to sacrifice to make their loved ones happy and do their best to make their marriage a success.

8 Surprising Facts About Dogs


Dogs are the favorite pets around the world.  It is estimated that there are more than 525 million dogs on Earth today.  Here are some facts about our beloved companions.

 14,000 years

Historians disagree about when and where humans first domesticated dogs.  The first dogs are thought to be wolves who have domesticated themselves and are first attracted to the first sites of the spots.
The remains of people buried with their dogs were found in Germany.  It is estimated that a period of at least 14,000 years.  The remains of the dog were also found early in China, between 5800 and 7000 BC, and there is even a dog burial site in Utah where it is estimated to date back to 11,000 years.

Reverence dogs

When a dog died in ancient Egypt, its owners, if they could, did not hesitate to embalm it with the same care as a human family member.  His companions shaved their eyebrows as a sign of grief.
In ancient China, it was widely believed that dogs were a godsend, and their blood was so sacred that they were used to seal faith and swear allegiance.

In the Americas, the Maya kept the dogs as pets, but they were also associated with the gods.  Dogs were said to have driven the souls of the dead through a water expanse called Zibalba.  When the soul reached this underworld, the dog helped guide the deceased to cross the challenges set by the Zybalba electrodes in order to reach the commission.

Age of the dog from the face

Sharp-pointed dog breeds usually live longer for years than flat-faced dogs, such as bulldogs and Asian dogs.
The type of breeding that is used to keep the dog's face flat can lead to many health problems, including skin, eye and breathing problems, as well as poor heat tolerance.  The longer the dog's nose is, the more effective it will be in internal cooling.

Toxic foods

Dogs should be protected from eating certain human foods, even in small amounts, such as grapes and raisins, because they contain an unknown substance that causes dogs' kidney failure.  Macadamia nuts can damage the dog's nervous system.  Onions and garlic may also damage red blood cells.  As well as chocolate, avocado and alcohol, as well as anything with enough caffeine, it can be fatal to the dog.

The power of smell

To put this judgment in perspective, one can detect the smell of a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee, while the dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic-sized swimming pools.
Some dogs are said to have smelled the bodies of the dead underwater, and have been able to smell natural gas deposits 40 feet below the soil, even smelling cancer in humans.

Read minds

Dogs can read minds, not literally, but they record excellent marks in reading the language of objects.  For example, a study during which a therapeutic substance was hidden under one of two inverted buckets.  A person stood behind the buckets to give many body signals, such as pointing to a bucket or leaning towards it.
When the experiment was conducted on chimpanzees, or 3-year-old children, they were almost incapable of interpreting body signals until they learned what they meant, while dogs could immediately understand and distinguish the intended bucket.
Why is this happening?  Scientists say they find no explanation, but dogs are clearly adept at reading human body signals.

Intelligence of a child

Research at the University of British Columbia has revealed that dog intelligence can compete with a human child from two to two and a half years.  Dogs can even understand 150 to 200 words, even counting to 4 or 5; they deliberately deceive humans and other dogs to get pleasures and fun with them.

Touch is the first sense

When a puppy is born, the first thing the mother does is clean it.  This involves touching all the nerve endings in the puppy's body, helping blood flow to all sides.

 From these delicate beginnings, touch becomes part of the socialization of dogs, reinforcing the bonds between friends and family members, both dogs and humans.

Amazing few Tips for building a strong and positive personality


Focusing on work

Focusing on work to achieve the goal and directing emotions and ideas in its attempt to build a strong personality, through self-motivation and the organization of thoughts and deep breathing and thinking well and imagine some situations before they happen to know what to do and focus heavily

Make personal decisions

Making personal decisions Separate personal decisions contribute to building a strong personality, where self-reliance in making different decisions, even if the decisions do not lead to a great outcome, where the self is accustomed to self-reliance and the possibility of making future decisions well and separately  Although others can be consulted if necessary

Tips for building a strong and positive
personality :

 Here are some tips that must be followed to build a strong and positive personality namely:

 apologize when you make mistakes.

  Think deeply before making decisions.

Forgiveness when making mistakes instead of thinking about them at all times.

 Stay away from postponement and procrastination as this will lead to the accumulation of business day by day.

Perseverance and the will to achieve goals and reach success.

  Continuous self-development through the search for multiple ways to develop personal skills.

 Exercise healthy habits in food and drink, even in sleep.

Make good use of time and useful things.

A new business experience never before, which will add new skills in learning styles and knowledge acquisition.

Knowing the basic purpose of life to avoid permanent and ongoing conflicts with oneself.

 Alignment of skills acquired with what people actually need.

 Developing skills and acquiring information to cope with occasional changes.

Working to learn new and effective ways of dealing with others.

Few kitten issues that can arise your cat


The Issues That Can Arise If You Don’t Choose Carefully
When the wrong choice has been made the pet owner has some difficult decisions to make. Some may be rather sensitive thus causing the owner a lot of heartache especially if the pet chosen has been looked upon as part of the family unit.
Therefore it would be in the best interest of all, to make the correct choices based on information learnt before any negative decisions have to be enforced.
Great Info
The first issue to be dealt with should be if the chosen pet is allowed on the premises where the individual lives. Often this important point is not considered and upon discovery the pet owner is asked to have the pet removed or face charges.
This is indeed painful for both the pet and the owner who have now established a bond with the pet. Thus giving up the pet would seem like abandoning the pet.
This would also confuse the pet as it would not be able to understand the reason for the change.
Another issue that should be given due consideration is the health of the family members of the owner itself. Some people are simply unable to cope medically with having a pet around.
This is especially so with cat as they tend to shed continuously and the pet dander is also a medical problem for most.
Other medical conditions such as asthma could also be triggered and worsened with the presence of a cat. Here too through no fault of the cat, its removal would have to be considered.
If the individual travels a lot, having a pet is really not a good idea, as the neglect both mentally and physically is just not something that can be easily justified. Pets require the attention, care and love of its owner and this should be a constant fixture in their lives.

Amazing method to how check into the cats health



Check Into The Cats Health

Part of the responsibility of having a cat would be to keep an eye on its health conditions. With this in mind the owner should be well aware of all the necessary elements to look out to ensure early detection is possible and the relevant medical attention can be sought.
The Health
The following are some of the areas that can be looked into when it comes to checking on the health of the pet cat:
A cat’s weight readings should not vary too much and its eating habits should be fairly consistent. These are tell tale signs of something amiss in the cat’s health should these two important factors show some variations. The cat’s ideal weight should be measurable by its age and if this seems satisfactory then the potential owner can consider keeping the cat as a pet.
The cat’s coat is also another good indication to the general health conditions of the cat. If the coat seems rather lack luster, then there is a good indication that either the cat’s health is in jeopardy or the cat’s diet should be changed. Unusual amounts of fur shedding is also cause for concern, although this could be due to a variety of reasons, some of which may be sudden stress the cat is undergoing, the improper nutritional content of the present diet plan, the shampoo being used and perhaps the general living conditions of the cat.
Keeping a close watch on the cat’s inner eyelid or otherwise known as the third eye, would also help to alert the owner of its impending health issues. This eyelid should ideally be should ideally not be visible to the human eye, and if it is, then there is a good indication that there is possible signs of stress created from foreign substances in the cat’s eye.

few steps to achieve your goals.


Everyone in this life want something or has a dreams want to come true but , we can do some mistakes or we can face some obstacles could make a wall above our dreams .

in this few steps i will show you how to achieve your goals :

Organise your time :

The organisation of your time facilate the ways to achieve your dreams , you can work at the time of work and make a plans to do like to do list everyday at night before you sleep .

Be positive thinking :

Positive thinking will help you to clear your mind from bad and negative ideas , don't say i can't do this , i won't  succed , say i can do this , i will be a successful man or women.

Inspire from successful men :

Search about succssful men and women in order to be inspired and motivated you  need that energy to start your career .

 Don't lose hope .

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